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Celebrating women, the vital essence that adds richness to life.

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Get Connected Professional Commercial Publishers:

The Destination for Music Professionals & Entrepreneurs Content & Publishing 

Unlock the potential of your business with Blacstone Inc. Our services include news media, press release, blog distribution, content reviews, playlists development, and synchronization opportunities.

Our mission is to make our client's brand 5 times better. We will learn what the client needs and then create a plan to get the right results. This includes making people see them more online, getting them in magazines, telling their stories to their tribe and community, and partnering with bloggers and influencers. We won't rely only on social media platforms.

Our Services

Brand Strategy

Creating a plan

Managing social media

Brand positioning

Crafting the right message

Brand Design

Brand Style

Logo and colors

Brand icons

Brand accessories

Digital Web


Designing the assets

Web development

Funnel building

Soundtrack Your Life


Talent Buying

Artist Development

Custom Music

Our 3 Step Process

Tactical Reprieve

Assessing the current brand status, evaluating the marketing budget, analyzing offers and funnels, and conducting a comprehensive review to develop a strategic plan.

Extreme Execution

Our knowledgeable and skilled experts meticulously execute the strategic plan, following a step-by-step approach. Their professionalism and expertise ensure its successful implementation.

Data Analysts

Carefully analyzing the outcome of each step and diligently tracking the results are crucial measures to ensure that we are consistently moving in the right direction.


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